Best Ice Cream in Melbourne Or Rolled Ice Cream?

Discover all the delicious ice creams at Nibbles. Discover the taste of yummy rolled ice creams, soft serves, and desserts in Melbourne.

Rolled Ice Cream Tacos

Freshly Rolled Ice Creams, mixed with various toppings, put into a waffle taco shell, topped with various different toppings, sauces and cream of your choice

Soft Serve Ice Creams

Get a delicious taste of the yummiest soft serve ice cream  in Melbourne, which you can customise to your own liking. You are able to choose the sauces and toppings of your choice to make you eat these whilst walking in the busy streets of Melbourne.

Award Winning Desserts in Melbourne, 2 Years in a Row


How Nibbles Created Melbourne’s Best Ice Cream Experience.

Bring out your inner child in Melbourne with the magic of rolled ice cream! The joy of watching ice cream being freshly made right before your eyes, with a variety of flavors and toppings to choose from, is a delightful experience. Witness the ice cream being mixed, rolled, and transformed into a delectable masterpiece, and that’s just the beginning. Nestled in a waffle shell, topped with whipped cream and a variety of tantalizing toppings, it’s not just a dessert – it’s an Instagram-worthy spectacle. Melbourne’s rolled ice cream is a soft-serve sensation that brings fun, flavor, and a touch of whimsy to your dessert cravings.

The two Ice Cream types at Nibbles Desserts.

Soft Serve Ice Creams

Rolled Ice Cream Tacos

The Most Popular Nibbles

Ice Cream Taco

Delicious, freshly made rolled ice-cream, served to you within a waffle taco shell, topped with your choice of delicious toppings.

Curved Churros

Delicious curved churros, served to you in a set of 3,  a set of 6, or more with a range of yummy different flavours for you to choose from.


Delicious, flavoured, filled, and soft doughnuts that can be a tasty snack, or a sweet treat to share and satisfy everyone’s dessert cravings .

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Nibbles serve Coffee?

Yes, Nibbles serves Cappuccino, Lattes, Hot Chocolates, Flat Whites, and other delicious hot and cold coffees, including Iced Lattes, Iced Mochas, Iced Chocolates and more.

Does Nibbles do Event Catering?

Yes, Nibbles caters to both corporate events and other events too. In order to enquire for events, please contact us.

When is Nibbles Open?

Nibbles is open from 7 days a week, with various opening times, depending on the store. Please check each store for better indication of the timings.